Our Scooters

We hire scooters made by Pride Mobility and Drive DeVilbiss.  All models are 4 wheeled for greater stability but they all have unique characteristics which make them suitable for different situations. 

Hands down, the best scooter if you are staying in a modern city centre hotel is the Drive Envoy. It's easily the most comfortable with full suspension and air filled tyres which cope better with the streets and pavements of Edinburgh's Old Town. If you are planning to visit the Castle then the Drive Envoy is definitely the best option because of the cobbles surfaces inside the Castle walls. But, if you plan to ride the tram or use taxis then the Envoy is no use as it's too large and can't be transported or lifted up steps which you might find at the entrance to a smaller hotel or an older property which has been converted into a hotel or apartments.

The Pride models, with the exception of the Colt Deluxe, can all be dismantled for transportation and they all have solid rubber tyres which means there is no risk of punctures while the scooters are out on hire.  The Drive models are much larger and have air-filled tyres which offer a much smoother ride.  While a flat tyre is an unlikely occurrence the pavement scooters are supplied with emergency repair canisters to inflate and seal and punctures in seconds.

Please read the description below before you proceed with any bookings:

Class 2 Pavement Scooters

Ideal for the pavement, this is our recommended choice for sight seeing. With a maximum speed of 4mph, these scooters are designed for pavements but will handle the cobbles of Edinburgh’s Old Town streets if you need to cross the road or navigate a tricky section of tarmac.  They have two 50amp batteries which will afford you up to 30 miles travel on a single charge.

The scooter comes with a handy front basket and it’s possible to add a rain cape to your hire in case of wet weather.

The maximum carrying capacity is 25st or 160kgs. These scooters are very heavy and cannot be dismantled for transportation.  They are best suited to visitors staying in a city centre hotel or serviced apartment which will have automatic doors, unrestricted access and lifts.

Class 2 Boot Scooters

We offer 3 models in the boot range.  All can be dismantled in seconds for transportation in the boot of a car or to be lifted up steps.  Some are at the larger end of the boot scooter variety and all provide a comfortable ride.  They are more maneuverable than the pavement version so they are perfect for busy thoroughfares and driving indoors (galleries, shops and into hotel bedrooms).   The carrying capacity ranges from 17st to 23st (or 145kgs) depending on the model and the boot scooters are perfect if you have access to a hire car and intended to take day trips or spend a few days touring Scotland.

The battery box can be removed from the scooter simply by lifting it free which makes charging a very simple process. You don't need to get the scooter close to a plug socket to charge it as you can take the battery to the mains power supply.

If you are staying in an Airbnb or private apartment then the boot scooter will almost certainly be the best choice for you however a trip to the Castle might prove to be quite a lively experience because the road surface inside is almost exclusively cobbles and the boot scooters do not have suspension!

Wheelchair Hire Edinburgh

You are now able to hire both powered and self propelled wheelchairs from us.  The electric or powered chairs are ideal for someone who cannot use a mobility scooter but still wants to explore the city.

The self propelled lightweight aluminum chairs can be pushed by an aid or propelled by the user.  These can also be folded and put into a car boot or into the luggage area of a coach or bus. You can hire alongside a scooter as an accompaniment or on their own for one day or more.

Please note the exact scooter colour supplied may vary from that shown but the specifications will be the same.