Q: How can I pay for my rental equipment?

A: We accept most major credit and debit cards, directly on line, 24 hours a day. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance although outwith July and August, you can book much closer to your visit.

Q: Can I transport my equipment in a private car or taxi?

A: Yes, the boot scooters are designed for transportation in a vehicle.  If you are hiring a car you will want to consider an estate or SUV with a larger boot so you can transport the scooter alongside your luggage. If you are using taxis in Edinburgh then you will need to book an Uber XL or take a black cab from City Cabs or Central Taxis. The latter have ramps for wheelchair access but the scooters can be pushed inside. Keep in mind the taxi capacity is cut to 3 passengers when a scooter in on board! 

Here is a quick video showing you how the portable (boot) scooters) dismantle:

Don't confuse our portable scooters with 'travel' scooters! The latter is the term used to describe the type of scooter which folds up into a piece of carry-on style luggage. These scooters are great for airport transit or cruise ships but not any use for Edinburgh's streets, or any urban setting really. They tend to have very small wheels and are not at all comfortable to ride on bumpy surfaces.

Many of our customers take our 'boot scooters' on trips into the Highlands but as you can see from the video they take a little bit of effort to transport. Please keep that in mind before you book.

Q: Can I take my scooter into Edinburgh Castle?

A: All our scooters will get you to the Castle Esplande but if you are planning to go inside then you really want to think about hiring the Drive Envoy. Edinburgh Castle is a medieval structure and the majority of the paths inside are cobbles - unfortunately there is no way to escape them!. There are also a number steep climbs, especially if you wish to visit The Great Hall, St. Margaret's Chapel and the Scottish Crown Jewels. The wheels on the smaller scooters are not really designed for the terrain and you really need the suspension and pneumatic tyres of the Envoy to absorb the vibration. Even on the large scooter you will have to ride at a moderate pace if you want to have a pleasant experience:

Cobbled path under Argyle Tower at Castle entrance.

Historic Scotland operate a mobility vehicle to transport wheelchair users and their companions into the Castle. The vehicle can accommodate most scooters (size limits apply) but once inside you are still forced to ride over cobbled surfaces - this is why we recommend the Drive Envoy. The mobility vehicle is only active at certain times and does not operate during August because of the crowds and arrangements in place for the Military Tattoo.

Below is a link to terrific travel blog by Simply Emma about visiting Edinburgh Castle as a wheelchair user. Many of her comments, hints and tips apply to riders of mobility scooters:

Q: What about taking a scooter to the Military Tattoo?

A: The Tattoo is staged on the Castle Esplanade which is a large flat tarmac surface. Access is via the 'Royal Mile' so you can ride all the way up on the pavements without any issue. Even the smaller portable scooters will get you there no problem. If you are approaching from the west side of the city via Johnston Terrace make you way to the front of the queue and speak to a Marshall as they will permit you access to the grandstands a few minutes before they open the gates to the masses. The final 100m to the Castle is via Castlehill. It's quite narrow and it can be pretty hectic as the crowds make their way into the show.

Once inside you will be able to park your scooter in a designated area before you take your set in the stands. You will be assisted by a member of the military as they act as ushers and guides for each show. They really do look after you very well!

If you have purchased accessible seating please consult the Tattoo website for full details.

Q: Will the equipment you offer, run all day on a single battery charge?

A: That will depend on a number of factors including the number of miles you ride, the type of terrain and the weight of the rider.  An average guest covers around 6 miles in a day and all our scooters, will easily manage an average day’s usage.  This is assuming you charge the batteries fully the night before. On some models, charging can be carried out either whilst the batteries are still on the scooter, but on others you can remove the battery box for charging which is sometimes more convenient if you are staying in a hotel room. 

Q: Where do you deliver to and pick up from?

A: Delivery is included in the price for hires to all hotels, serviced apartments and B&Bs within the area shown in the map at the foot of this page.  There will be an additional charge for delivery to a private address and to locations outwith the map below. The delivery/collection charge will be calculated based on distance and drive-time from our premises and will be invoiced separately from the hire.

At the end of your hire period, if we are not collecting from you personally, you can leave the equipment with the reception or concierge and we will collect it from there.  Please do not leave the equipment in your room when you check out! if your equipment is not at the correct pick up location, by the contracted time, we reserve the right to charge your account for an extra day’s equipment hire and a collection fee. If your booking stated a delivery and collection from a private property, then we require you to provide us with the full address including the postcode of the property and also require you to be present for both the delivery and collection.

Due to security regulations we cannot offer delivery or collection into Edinburgh Airport but can arrange to meet you at the park & ride facility or car hire depot which are nearby.

Q: Will it be safe to leave my scooter unattended at a local site or visitor attraction, for short periods of time?

A: Absolutely, just park your scooter in a safe place, remove the ignition key and keep it with you at all times.  Most of the main attractions are fully accessible so you should be able to park up inside at many of the locations. 

Q: How do the scooters perform on the cobbles in the Old Town?

A: Although there are many cobbled streets in the city centre, the pavements and side-walks are all all constructed using normal flagstones so you should always be able to find a smooth surface to ride on. The smaller (portable) scooters have solid tyres, lack suspension and their wheels are small so you will will feel all the lumps and bumps when riding one of those models! You will have to ride more slowly when crossing a cobbled section and you will have to to be more careful about where you cross so you don't get stuck trying to ride up a kerb which is too high. You should always use a designated crossing point where you will find the kerbs have been lowered so you can ride up and down a ramp. If you try to ride off a kerb you may topple the scooter and you will probably crack the bodywork. Ride the scooter in the same way you would drive a car an slow down for maneuvers. The mobility scooters are not quad bikes!

Q: How is the length of a rental calculated?

A: We offer an all-inclusive simple flat-rate rental charge per scooter. The price is calculated using a daily rate for each calendar day you have the scooter. For example: if you request delivery on a Friday at 2 pm with collection the following day at 2pm this would be a two day hire (Friday & Saturday).

The price per day decreases the longer you have the scooter on hire.

Q: Can I take my scooter onto the local bus service?

A: Unfortunately not. Lothian Buses do not allow mobility scooters of any shape or size onto their services.

You can take a mobility scooter onto some of the open top tour buses however so this is a clever way of navigating the city. There is space on the lower deck to park your scooter while you sit in a regular seat for the journey. The space is restricted and it can be quite tricky to manoeuvre the scooter, especially in the height of the summer when the buses are usually very busy.

If you are a novice rider, it can be easier to push the scooter onto the bus instead of riding it on. If you are travelling with an able bodied companion have them put the scooter into neutral and push the scooter on. Like a shopping trolley, it's easier to push the scooter from the handles so you are actually better to push the scooter on in reverse.

Q: Can I take my scooter onto the Trams?

A: The Trams operate a permit scheme which is issued in the name of the rider for a particular scooter. We are unable to apply for a permit on your behalf so you would need to do so here : https://edinburghtrams.com/contact/tram-accessibility. The permit scheme is not heavily enforced so you could try using the Tram without one but you may be refused access.

Q: What should I do if it starts to rain while operating the scooter?

A: Our scooters are water resistant. But this is Scotland and even in the ‘summer’ it can rain sideways. Should it begin to rain heavily it is recommended that you seek cover immediately.  Apart from anything else it’s not very comfortable to sit in the rain as even if you are wearing a coat, your bottom is likely to get wet!   We do hire out rain capes for a small additional fee.  These cover you and the scooter so you can drive around unhindered.  In a worst case scenario, try to keep the “dashboard” (where the key goes in) covered, possibly with a polythene bag. The scooter’s electronic components will malfunction if they are exposed to rain and a safety shut down mode will prevent operation until ALL of the components dry out.

Q: What happens in the unlikely event my scooter stops working while I’m sightseeing?

A: We replace our scooter inventory every regularly so our renters have new or like-new equipment. It is highly unlikely there will be a mechanical failure in a unit but if there is an issue (not a dead battery!), will be able to first troubleshoot the problem over the phone, then if necessary, replace the scooter

Q: How do I cancel a reservation and what is the policy?

A: You may cancel an order at any time prior to 48 hours before your reservation with a 100% refund.  However a cancellation fee of 50% will be deducted for all reservations that are cancelled after 48 hours prior to the day of delivery.  Cancellation on the day of delivery will result in the full cost of the hire being charged with no refund.

Q: Can I change or modify (shorten, extend) my reservation?

A: Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and we will always endeavour to help.

Free Delivery area map

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